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High Energy Labs is the leader in top-of-the line Sports Nutrition and Anti-Aging products. Our products contain clinical doses of ingredients to provide you with maximum results. Our uncompromising commitment to quality guarantees that you will receive safe and effective products to help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals.
When you choose High Energy Labs supplements, you are choosing a company whose standards of excellence and product integrity reflect your commitment to a healthy, fit lifestyle.

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"HGH Complete has really helped me. I have an immune deficiency problem, and a liver problem. I have had low energy and so I haven’t been able to exercise and over the last ten years I have gained a lot of weight. I have been on so many diets: low fat; no-fat; protein; vegetarian. I have taken “diet” supplements, and nothing seems to work. "

− Rosemary E – Lake Oswego, Oregon

"I am a very light sleeper and SomaRest has helped me get the rest that I need. I also feel 10 times better. I have more energy and I have noticed a difference with my workouts when I go to the gym. This is definitely the best product I have encountered."

− Ken P – Utah Highway Patrol

"I sleep better at night, have more energy in the day, and feel like I am 19 again. I also lost 15 pound off my gut within the fist month and a half of taking this product. I love this product Line!"

− Mark W. – Utah Business Owner & Body Builder

"This product has helped me become leaner, and it gives me more energy for my workouts. I sleep better and I have more energy through out the day. I recently had knee surgery and Multi-Flex Complete has helped me recover a lot faster."

− Marcia T – Karate Instructor, 3rd Degree Black belt

"I feel great, less stressed, I sleep better at night, and I have more energy during the day. This product has helped keep me going during the re-election campaign and it has boosted my immune system this winter. HGH Complete is a great product, I take it all the time."

− Lynn A. –Mayor, Heber City, Utah

"This is the best testosterone booster I have ever taken. My bench went up 60 lbs in 1 month while on TestoRx! I couldn’t be happier."

− Steven,

"Since taking HGH Complete, I have painted the outside of my house; completely re-did my front yard – (taking out grass, bringing in 15 cubic yards of dirt, doing a rock walkway, etc.). I have not had this kind of energy in years and in fact I have been under a Doctor’s care for chronic fatigue. I have not done anything else different, so I know that it is the HGH Complete product. I’ve been sleeping better and I feel healthier than I have in years. Plus the bonus, I lost 8 pounds – it’s a beginning. Yeah!


− Rosemary E – Lake Oswego, Oregon

"“I tell everyone about this product! FiberFit keeps me going strong and helped me lose 40lbs of fat. I love this product!"

− Ken, Fort Worth, TX

"Dude check out these guns! TestoRx rocks!"

− Dave, Provo, UT

"TestoRx really helped me get through basic training. I am in the best shape of my life and feel great! This is the best test booster and estrogen blocker!"

− Paul, Los Angeles, CA


Pharmacuetical Grade

At High Energy Labs we care about your health and fitness goals. That is why we start with the highest quality, purest ingredients.


Nature Certified

When you buy High Energy Labs products you can be assured you are getting what is listed on the label. All of our products are nature certified.


GMP Certified

Quality and safety are the backbone of all High Energy Labs’ formulations. Not only do we follow and strictly adhere to GMP guidelines


Innovative Products

We take great pride in producing the very best sports supplements. We are committed to innovation

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