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Joint Pain – An Ongoing Problem

By March 12, 2015 blog No Comments

According to the Arthritis Foundation, people of all ages are affected by arthritis – with about 120 related disorders – and it is the No. 1 cause of limitation of movement in the United States. As we age our body’s natural regeneration process slows down, anybody who engages in strenuous athletic activity should high consider taking a joint support dietary supplement.

Not only will it help in the aid of quicker recovery, but you will drastically reduce your chance of joint cartilage and tissue breakdown. It should be wise to note also that supplementation can greatly help the support of knees and hips, which is vital as you get older and those body parts start to wear down.

Recent evidence published in top arthritis and medical journals such as the Journal of Rheumatology January and JAMA, suggests that Chondroitin does indeed appear to be as effective as glucosamine in alleviating joint pain and stiffness.

A number of studies have also clearly shown that both glucosamine and chondroitin reduce the pain and stiffness of arthritis, as well as methotrexate, and may even play a role in slowing the progression of the damage. Other studies on the best testosterone boosters showed similar results in men. In most cases, these supplements are significantly more effective than placebo and just as effective as common pain relieving medications (with fewer side effects) though they often take longer to start working, they may continue to work for a longer period of time.

Doctors Recommend Multi-Flex Complete™. Multi-Flex Complete is not your average glucosamine/chondrotin supplement. Multi-Flex Complete is the most complete, fast acting, quality nutritional supplement that combines cartilage building blocks, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and natural anti-inflammatory enzymes into three fast acting capsules per day.

  • Helps rebuild the cartilage lost through the aging process and excess physical activity.
  • Faster relief and more effective than regular glucosamine formulas.
  • Provides pain relief from inflammation and stiffness associated with arthritis.
  • Provides pain relief for aching joint caused by sports activities and over exertion.
  • Micronized pharmaceutical grade for increased absorption (All natural ingredients).
  • Provides source of trace minerals, and Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.
  • Contains Hyaluronic acid and Green Lipped Mussel.




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