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ElectroAmino BCAA & Electrolyte Chewies

ElectroAmino BCAA & Electrolyte Chewies

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It’s Time To Step Up Your Game

No matter what sport or activity you are involved in, ElectroAmino™ can help you perform at your very best and eliminate the competition! ElectroAmino is a unique combination of Electrolytes, Branch Cain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and key vitamins and minerals to provide you with energy, aid in recovery, and reduce the catabolic effects of training. From hard core athlete to weekend warrior, ElectroAmino will give you an edge over the competition. If you are serious about your training and performance then you need ElectroAmino!

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Proven Results, Quality Ingredients

  • Supports Lean Muscle Growth*
  • Helps Prevent Muscle Catabolysis*
  • Increases Energy*
  • Promotes Red Blood Cell Formation*
  • Promotes Hydration and Fluid Balance*
  • Replenishes key Electrolytes*
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